Other Insurance

Find comprehensive solutions for your specialty insurance needs. River City Insurance wll help ensure your business and your assets are fully protected.

Options Offered by River City Insurance Include:

Public Entities

With unique risk exposure, public entities come with many complexities and factors that make finding the perfect coverage difficult. River City Insurance will piece together the right protection based on each entity’s distinctive needs.

Inland Marine

If you transport products, materials, or equipment by truck or train, inland marine insurance will help keep those assets safe. An extension of business insurance, it may also help recover the cost of high-value items or other property excluded from a standard policy.

Ocean Marine

Protect goods and merchandise while they are in transit, domestically or internationally, aboard shipping vessels. Depending on your needs, this may also include air transportation.

Open Lot

Also called dealers open lot (DOL) or dealers’ physical damage coverage, open lot insurance covers physical damage sustained to vehicles while being held in a dealer’s inventory for resale purposes. Aside from cars and trucks, this can include recreational vehicles, even jet skis.


A strong aircraft insurance policy will keep you protected in events of damage, injury, loss of life or cargo while the craft is airborne. River City Insurance will build a policy to suit your specific needs to ensure you remain protected.

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