Homeowners Insurance

Different home types require different insurance to be completely protected. You may do well with a standard home insurance policy, or you may need additional coverage specific to your home or area. Whatever the need, River City Insurance will help ensure that your most important asset is protected.

Options offered by River City Insurance include:

Flood Insurance

Depending on where you live, flood insurance may be a requirement to secure a mortgage, as damage caused by floods is not covered on most standard home insurance policies. Even if it’s not required, flood insurance is still a good idea. A flood insurance policy will cover the structure of your home and personal belongings. Flood zones can also change in as little as two weeks, so even if you don’t need flood insurance now, you may in the future.

Mobile Homes

While mobile home insurance is not required by law, mortgage companies or mobile home communities may require it. As with homeowners’ insurance, mobile home insurance provides protection in the event of damage to your home or property. The exact coverage will depend on your policy.

Dwelling Fire

For some types of homes, dwelling fire insurance may make more sense than standard homeowners. These policies are ideal for vacation homes, vacant homes, seasonal homes, secondary homes, rental properties, and older homes. The name can be a bit misleading, as it covers much more than just fire, depending on your circumstances and needs. This insurance is ideal for protecting property that isn’t your primary residence.


Much like with floods, damage caused by an earthquake is typically not covered by your conventional homeowners’ insurance. While earthquake insurance isn’t mandatory, it could help keep you protected should your home suffer irreparable damage. If earthquakes are common in your area, earthquake insurance should be a consideration.

Vacant Dwellings

Property that sits untended poses different risks than a primary residence. For instance, vandalism and break-ins are more likely to occur. If there’s a fire, its chances of doing more damage increase with no one around to report it. This type of insurance should be bought before the property is vacant for more than 30 days to ensure coverage.

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