Other Insurance

Picking up the slack where other insurance policies may fall short. For recreational vehicles and other special insurance concerns, River City Insurance will help ensure you and your assets are fully protected.

Options Offered by River City Insurance Include:

Personal Umbrella

A personal umbrella insurance policy is there to provide coverage beyond what traditional homeowners insurance offers. For instance, if your homeowners’ policy offers protection of up to $100,000, but an incident arises that will cost double that amount (such as a lawsuit), personal umbrella will cover what your traditional policy does not.

Camper/RV Insurance

Insurance for your recreational vehicle, whether they are self-propelled, as in the case of an RV, or attached to another vehicle. On RVs, insurance is required in all 50 states; trailer insurance may be optional in some, but you should always check to ensure you’re protected. Additional insurance may pick up where traditional auto insurance does not, saving you hundreds, if not thousands in the long run.

ATV/Motorcycle Insurance

As with vehicles, all States require liability insurance as a minimum for your motorcycle or ATV. For further protection, uninsured/underinsured, collision, and comprehensive coverage is also available to help you recover the cost of the vehicle in the event of an accident, make up the difference in instances where an at-fault driver’s coverage is insufficient, and protect against non-collision-based incidents that damage the vehicle.

Personal Watercraft Insurance

A Personal Watercraft Insurance (PWC) policy helps protect you against many common liability losses when it comes to your Jet Ski, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo, or any inboard engine craft, regardless of whether or not you were the one operating the craft or if you loaned it to someone else. Coverage may include physical damage to the craft, injury or death caused by negligence, damage to other crafts or docks, and more.

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