Property Insurance

A lot goes into a business—the physical location, the equipment, the technology, the data, and that’s just the tip of the very large iceberg. River City Insurance will help you customize a property insurance policy that covers all aspects of your business to make sure you are covered for any eventuality.

Options Offered by River City Insurance Include:

Commercial Property Package (CPP)

A commercial property package policy (CPP) is an all-encompassing solution often best suited for small- to medium-sized businesses. Achieve coverage for multiple considerations (e.g., liability and property risk) with greater flexibility and, often, lower premiums. Your CPP is customizable based on your business’ needs.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Combine the coverage solutions for all major property and liability risks into a single package. A business owner’s policy (BOP) has certain qualifiers it must meet before being issued, including location, size, business class, and revenue. The policies covered are firm, though additional coverage is available.

Commercial Umbrella & Excess Loss

Cover all your bases. Commercial umbrella and excess loss coverages provide further protection in addition to existing policies or, in some cases, cover an aspect of the business not currently protected by other insurance coverage. We’ll help you determine what policies make the most sense so your business is entirely protected.

Boiler & Machinery

We are beholden to technology these days, and an equipment malfunction can be not only costly to repair, but costly to your business. Boiler & Machinery (BM) insurance provides protection in the event of an equipment breakdown—both in cost of repairs and losses incurred as a result of the malfunction.

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