Worker’s Comp

Required by most states for businesses that staff employees, worker’s comp provides protection when the unexpected occurs at work. Make sure your worker’s comp policies cover all they need to in order to protect your business.

Options Offered by River City Insurance Include:

Worker’s Compensation

Accidents happen at work all the time, and employers can be held responsible, for medical expenses, loss of income, or even their failure at preventing the incident. A robust worker’s compensation plan is essential to keep both your business and your employees protected.

Directors & Officers

Should your company’s directors or officers be sued for actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing the business, directors & officers insurance helps protect their personal assets, as well as their spouse’s, from resulting lawsuits that may be issued by other employees, vendors, competitors, investors, and customers, among other parties.

Builder’s Risk

A lot can happen to a property as it’s being developed. Unfinished structures may sustain damage any number of ways, including weather, fire, vandalism, or theft. A builder’s risk policy will help you recover the cost of repairing a structure or replacing building material following a covered loss.

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